Small Groups

We believe in the strength of doing life with each other.   Small groups can include a special interest activity, a time of gathering for discussion, prayer, food, and most important a great way to join our community.  We believe God designed us to live in relationship with others.  Sharing life through community brings meaningful relationships that aren't always easy to find.  These small groups exist to make life changing relationships relevant and accessible to you.  If you are interested in starting or joining a group, please speak with a pastor, or email us

Freedom Class

Freedom Session is a 20 week, intensive healing-discipleship journey that uncovers the roots of pain in our lives and invites Jesus Christ to heal those areas of our hearts.  As Jesus begins to heal the heart, the unhealthy and destructive ways we used to escape the pain in our lives become less and less attractive.  Shame loses its grip on our lives and the lies that controlled us are replaced by God's truth.  In its simplest form, Freedom Session is writing your story with a new and God-inspired ending.  Classes will be starting again in September.